Noah Slee

We Are Here For It All With Noah Slee

Sat Jun 06 2020

We are Here For It All with Noah Slee as he pledges solidarity with intoxicating and bewitching sounds. Here For It All is a flawless blend of hazy RnB vocals on a bed of soulful and jazzy instrumentals. With the addition of a smooth hip-hop flow from the Californian rapper, Mike Nasa adding the finishing […]

Interview With Noah Slee Following The Flamboyant ‘Do That’

Tue Oct 22 2019

“‘Do That’ is a reminder to myself to be unapologetic and live my life” Noah Slee and Fhat are 100% throwing some of the most flamboyant and energetic music out there right now via their new collaborative track ‘Do That’. It showcases a masterfully performed riff on the electric guitar, full of the utmost slickness, […]

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