Dive Into Dream-Pop With Be The Bear’s New Single ‘Mermaid’

by Lucy Lerner

10th June, 2019

Be The Bear’s latest single ‘Mermaid’ really brings alive the feeling of being in the water. Floating amongst shimmering waves the feeling of being weightless and free. With a fluid melody, dream-pop style and Be The Bear’s crystal vocals you can’t help conjure the idea of a mermaid diving in a sparkling ocean. Despite such a dreamy, upbeat vibe the track is a dedication to those who struggle with mental illness.

Swedish pop sensation Christina Wehage is an artist, producer and the owner of Gothenburg-based record label Loud Attic Records. She is the talent behind the Be The Bear project, a name which comes from her ’s childhood fear of bears and recurring nightmares. Christina adopted the totem of the wild bear, creating a powerful and personal musical persona for herself.

‘Mermaid’ was written for a friend who was going through a dark time and is a sonic representation of comfort. She also explains the title of the track comes from “the imagery from H.C. Andersen’s Danish folktale, the original Little Mermaid. Did you know, in the original story she sacrificed herself for love, and ended up becoming a whisper on the wind? Mermaids don’t have eternal souls, but she finds out how she can acquire one, and spends 300 years doing good deeds with other ‘Daughters of the Air.

‘Mermaid’ follows Be The Bear’s previous three singles ‘Erupt,’ ‘Ruler,’ and ‘I Don’t Want To’.

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