Dreamer Is The Therapeutic New Song From Mermaid

Mon Apr 20 2020

Dreamer is the therapeutic new song from Mermaid. It is an enthralling and captivating song with beautiful tones. Candace Quarrels and Brittany Campbell have fused elements of R&B, folk, and soul to create a unique sound that is healing in itself. It’s the way their voices dance like nightingales in mating season and the instrumentals […]

Dive Into Dream-Pop With Be The Bear’s New Single ‘Mermaid’

Mon Jun 10 2019

Be The Bear’s latest single ‘Mermaid’ really brings alive the feeling of being in the water. Floating amongst shimmering waves the feeling of being weightless and free. With a fluid melody, dream-pop style and Be The Bear’s crystal vocals you can’t help conjure the idea of a mermaid diving in a sparkling ocean. Despite such […]

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