Devault Delivers A New Turn For Electronic Music With New EP ‘JADE’

by Malvika Padin

6th May, 2019

With four thrilling tracks that pull you right in, Devault’s EP ‘JADE’ starts off with ‘Mafia’, which is accompanied by the crowning jewel of the project; a 13-minute visual adventure that hypnotizes with its technicality and story-telling leaving you unable to look away.

There is deep darkness- unwelcome and unsettling yet somehow begging acceptance- that follows with each passing note of each track whether it be the thumping bass line of ‘Blade’, the synth-based stylings of ‘Runway’ or the quiet natural senses of ‘Rainstorm’ which features soundbites of thundering rain showers.

Telling stories of mammoth proportions with minimal time wasted, there is kidnapping, vandalism, psychedelics and much more to experience within the world of ‘JADE’. It is visually and sonically immersive.

Brooding, sinister and raw, the 21-year-old Californian producer has become an in-demand remixer for artists like Rihanna and Billie Ellish in recent times, and as ‘JADE’ immerses listeners taking them on a journey of anger, energy, and incredibly authentic music, the young artist’s talent is clearer than ever before.

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