DANE Reassures Listeners In a letter to myself

by Lucy Lerner

25th October, 2020

DANE releases a letter to myself, a comforting song to help listeners feel better about themselves. Opening with sounds of the ocean and birds as well as gentle acoustics in a lullaby rhythm and soft vocals this song is a balm to those who hear it. The independent artist from Bloomfield, New Jersey didn’t just write it for others but also for himself.

“I wrote this song about struggles with mental health & self doubt. Not only is it a “letter to myself” but it is a message for anyone it reaches as well. I wanted it to be musically raw & honest just as the lyrics are.” – DANE

a letter to myself is a positive track with uplifting lyrics and visuals, and beautiful harmonies. It encourages you that things will be ok, and the sun will shine you just have to ride the storm clouds. It’s a reassuring letter from DANE, especially during dark times such as these.

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