Blur Your Senses With Atrypical’s EP ‘Blurred’

by Lucy Lerner

21th February, 2018

There is so much choice these days, but sometimes it’s hard to pin down what music you’re in the mood for. Atrypical offers a solution to this dilemma by creating music where there is literally something for everyone and every mood. From mellow, ambient electronica to club-ready EDM, catchy dream-pop and a splash of hip-hop and succulent R&B. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Atrypical is releasing new music all the time, but here we focus on their new release of 2018, the ‘Blurred’ EP which is a great introduction to a talented 4-piece who combine all their talents and ideas into a thick, delicious melting pot of creativity and oh so easy to listen to music.

Atrypical is a collective of four producers, singers, and songwriters from Arizona and their original plan was to take the anonymity route like Daft Punk which naturally makes them even more mysterious and interesting. The friends (two of which are brothers) consisting of Austin Fletcher (writer/producer/vocalist), E-Fletch (writer/producer), Valeas (producer/writer/vocalist) and Uncle Pop (producer/writer) have their own projects going on but also come together to form Atrypical.

‘Blurred’ will blur your senses with a fusion of electronic timbres and bold accents within the 4 track EP. ’Blue’ is up-tempo electro-pop with soulful vocals, twinkling electro-flourishes and a beat to get the whole body moving. ‘Way Up Top’ plays more with R&B and a hip-hop beat and features a lush textural soundscape and hazy synths. ’Blur The World’ is a rippling club jam with unfurling EDM and a toe-tapping beat. ‘Blood On The Crown’ featuring CC Montana is a moreish sliver of hip-hop with an undulating, atmospheric beat and dose of hard-hitting wrap and creamy vocals.

If ‘Blurred’ hasn’t whet your appetite for more of Atrypical then I don’t know what will.

Look out for more from Atrypical coming soon.

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