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Ty Bennett

Honey Gentry

Premiere: Honey Gentry ‘Dreamlover’

Wed Aug 21 2019

“You go to Hollywood to be a star” When NME wrote that singer-songwriter Honey Gentry was ‘making elegantly sad pop to break your heart,’ they pinned this artist perfectly. Crawling, saccharine vocals overlap reverb-soaked string led melodies in the Lana Del Ray-esque songs on Honey Gentry’s EP ‘Dreamlover’. The opening title track ‘Dreamlover’ is lazy […]


Opeongo’s New Single Is A Revival Of Alabama Shakes Emo Folk

Thu Jul 11 2019

Toronto folk artist, Opeongo’s new song ‘Hopeless’ is pitched as a ‘modern mental health’ themed song. Although the entirety of the statement seems somewhat unclear at first glance, the latter theme reverberates in every note and word of this agonizingly haunting, delicate refurbishment of ‘emo’ folk. ‘Hopeless’ opens with an easy rhythm of keys, that progresses to […]

Anna Stine

Anna Stine Highlights The Importance Of Music Therapy

Tue Jul 09 2019

Anna Stine is first and foremost a music therapist, a sentiment which is echoed in the calming quality and transformative themes of her music. Following her debut album ‘Company of Now’, released late last year, Anna Stine rereleases the track ‘There I’ll Go’, accompanied by a landscape led music video. This midwestern artist is glued […]

Lucy Daydream

Lucy Daydream’s ‘Awake and Dreaming’

Tue Apr 02 2019

Lucy Daydream spends their debut album in slow motion, whittling down the edges of indie-pop and filling out otherwise straightforward compositions with synth and distortion. The result? An album which feels like a Friday night in a world of Mondays. ‘Awake and Dreaming’ is an ode to its title: hazy, dreamy, out of touch and […]

Tom The Lion

Tom The Lion Is Back With The Personal ‘Tanks’

Tue Mar 26 2019

Five years ago, saw Tom The Lion fast-tracked to critical acclaim and success with the release of double EP album ‘The Adventures of Tom The Lion.’ With his sensual, sensational vocals and unique blend of beach blues and fireside folk, Tom The Lion was set up to have a Ben Howard career in a number […]

Suns Up

‘Just Because’ By Suns Up Is The Perfect Tonic

Thu Mar 21 2019

Upon reflection, I’d be tempted to review Suns Up summer seeped pop tune ‘Just Because’ as a Five Seconds of Summer rip off, a piece of indie blasphemy. But there is no escaping the smile that spread across my face as the plucky opening chords and crashing cymbals sparkled through the speakers. It turns out […]

Only The Poets

Only The Poets Releases Indie-Pop Anthem ‘Stolen Bikes’

Fri Feb 15 2019

If, in your uneducated and blissfully more vulnerable youth, you found yourself shouting the lyrics of The Scripts ‘Breakeven’ every time it came on the radio or permeated its way into your mind just as you tried to get to sleep, then Only The Poets’ latest single, ‘Stolen Bikes’ is the perfect dose of nostalgia. […]

Chay Snowdon

Chay Snowdon Releases ‘Mon Cheri’ And ‘Sha La La’

Fri Jan 25 2019

Bristol indie rock band ‘Chay Snowden’ is trying very hard to be the lighters blazing, mosh pit inducing, audience serenading, young girl crazing, edge of the envelope brit-rock outfit that we are so familiar with. But they don’t need the poor Justin Young impersonation to make an impact: their latest two singles are packed with […]

Why Music Today Is Lacking Social Value

Why Music Today Is Lacking Social Value

Wed Jan 23 2019

Beethoven allegedly said, ‘music can change the world,’ and once upon a time he was right. Music has changed the world; be it through the rise of gospel and jazz in the Civil Rights Movement that helped shape African American identity, or the rock and folk of the 60s that promoted a political peace movement, […]

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