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Exclusive Interview With 90s Hit-Maker Whigfield Ahead Of Reminisce Festival

Mon Sep 09 2019

“I think I’m a normal person and I’m very similar to everyone else,” says Danish singer-songwriter Whigfield – best known for her 1993 single ‘Saturday Night’. However, talking to her about all things 90s pop ahead of her debut at Reminisce Festival on 7th September, it’s clear from the wisdom, positivity, and love for the […]

The Evolution Of Louise Golbey

Tue Aug 13 2019

Singer-songwriter Louise Golbey’s music comes straight from the heart. Writing about her own life and that of her friends, her songs tell relatable stories and she hopes that she leaves people with nodding heads, positive vibes and an enjoyable listening experience.   Delving into the inspiration behind her latest feel-good track, ‘Different’, she says, “Dan Dare who […]

Exclusive Interview With Vina Rose

Wed Aug 07 2019

In her own words, Sicilian singer-songwriter Vina Rose makes brutally honest music that conveys who she is and what she stands for – letting go of the fears that hold her back – and her latest single ‘Breathe Again’ comes with a message that reflects exactly this. Elaborating on the inspiration behind the track, she […]

Interview with TOY Following Vinyl Sessions at Jäger Soho

Thu Jun 27 2019

Brighton-based indie-rock five-piece TOY is most excited by the magic they feel within them when something is evolving and taking shape while they make new music. This raw excitement has led to the release of three critically acclaimed albums, and many notable performances in their career. Having been formed in 2010, the quintet’s sound has […]

Devault Delivers A New Turn For Electronic Music With New EP ‘JADE’

Mon May 06 2019

With four thrilling tracks that pull you right in, Devault’s EP ‘JADE’ starts off with ‘Mafia’, which is accompanied by the crowning jewel of the project; a 13-minute visual adventure that hypnotizes with its technicality and story-telling leaving you unable to look away. There is deep darkness- unwelcome and unsettling yet somehow begging acceptance- that […]

ØBED Releases Intoxicating New Single ‘Sober’

Tue Apr 16 2019

Ghanaian alt R&B/Soul artist and producer ØBED delivers an exploration of the fickle nature of love in his swirling RnB offering ‘Sober’. The track-poised between RnB and soul makes use of pop and trap sensibilities and a smoothly autotuned vocal presentation captures listeners right from its first notes. With honest lyrics that tell the story […]

‘Chapter 1’ Is An Eclectic Debut EP From Timsters

Thu Feb 28 2019

French artist Timsters has dropped his debut EP ‘Chapter 1’ an eclectic and enjoyable collection of smooth electro-RnB/classy-pop sounds. Starting off strong with the groovy beats of ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ the record explores a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine energies within its soundscape. Each of the eight tracks stands out uniquely- no single song […]

Music “Is Addictive” – Ea Kaya Opens Up To Neon Music

Wed Dec 26 2018

Danish pop star Ea Kaya has been dubbed one to watch in 2019 having won praise for previous release ‘Tied Up’ but behind there’s a lot more to pop star life besides the obvious glitz and glamour, and she wants more people to know that. Getting candid about the sometimes “unthankful craft” of making music, […]

“Stand Out & Be True To Yourself” – Wise Words From Hatty Keane

Mon Dec 03 2018

From childhood dreams of being a scientist after watching forensic shows to following a vegetarian lifestyle for the past two years, there’s a lot more to London-based artist Hatty Keane than meets the eye. Described as feisty, at least within her lyrics, Hatty aims to empower her listeners. With her music she says she wants […]

Exclusive Interview With Mica Paris, The Queen Of UK Soul

Mon Nov 05 2018

From Marvin Gaye to Drake, Mica Paris listens to any music and is influenced by many. In her own words, she is a greedy musician. But Ella Fitzgerald holds a special place in the soul singer’s life. Talking about the historic jazz figure, and her own upcoming performance at Quaglino’s, London, which pays homage to […]

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