‘Chapter 1’ Is An Eclectic Debut EP From Timsters

by Malvika Padin

28th February, 2019

French artist Timsters has dropped his debut EP ‘Chapter 1’ an eclectic and enjoyable collection of smooth electro-RnB/classy-pop sounds.

Starting off strong with the groovy beats of ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ the record explores a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine energies within its soundscape.

Each of the eight tracks stands out uniquely- no single song sounding similar to another. With ‘Show Me All You Know’ acting as the perfect dance track, and the following ‘I Need to Know’, a slightly electronic offering making brilliant use of auto-tune to deliver a calm, yet powerful song suitable segues into the stand-out of the album – ‘Imaginary Territories’

A haunting, instrumental piece punctuated by equally haunting vocals, ‘Imaginary Territories’ is the most accurate representation of the French new-comer’s massive musical potential. Another highlight is jazzy ‘Gone’ which uses flowing vocals to make itself known to listeners.

‘Time’ which closes out the record manages to bring together drawled out vocals – “it’s time to let me go” – with a fast-paced, upbeat musicality.

Of the eight tracks, psychedelic-influenced ‘DHWYDU’ and slow-build ‘Somewhere’ are the only slightly forgettable moments, which don’t add as much value to otherwise engaging production.

Much anticipated, and hotly tipped for success, ‘Chapter 1’ does not disappoint and it establishes Timsters as someone to watch in 2019.

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