PetrieAlong with their debut album, ‘Superstore’ London duo Petrie released their new single ‘Texting You’ which contains all their usual ingredients of sunny side up pop with a twist. Throughout last year Petrie released a number of songs which displayed their quirky musical characteristics drenched in a synth-pop landscape with fresh, relatable lyrics. ‘Texting You’ is bittersweet as the melody is upbeat but the song has nostalgic undertones about the ending of a relationship, “You aware you nearly killed me back then? So in love I had to give up my friends“, they sing.

We started in denial
And ended up in pieces
But I’ve been thinking ’bout texting you
Yeah, I’ve been thinking ’bout texting you
Suddenly I’m crying
I shouldn’t drink on weekends
‘Cause I’ve been thinking ’bout texting you

Petrie discusses their new single, “Texting You is one of the oldest songs on the record, born in the summer of ’17 as an impressionistic poem-turned-jazz-ballad. We’ve lost that poem now but it started something like: “Last May we met and fell in love/you told me everything at once/I felt free, like summer/like the birds tattooed across your back”. How that became a big sad banger with 808s and lyrics about George’s Ford Fiesta is a mystery lost in the sands of time. However, that stanza can act as a prelude not only to the song it became but also to Superstore as a whole.”

And what does their debut album have in store for listeners? Petrie says, “Over the course of the album that idyllic love affair slowly crumbles into madness and then into warm, fuzzy nostalgia. We’re proud to say that this narrative inspired an eclectic set of songs, ranging from quiet defeat (Was That a Kiss?) to rhapsodic and heavy diatribes (Punch, which features our deeply inspiring friends Clive Mercury and JESS).”

Watch Petrie in action at their headline London show at MOTH CLUB on 19th February.

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