Tangled Up in Blue : Mathilde Widding’s Neo-Soul Odyssey

by Marcus Adetola

22nd August, 2023

Tangled Emotions in a World of Blue: Mathilde Widding's Neo-Soul Odyssey

We’ve all stood on that fragile edge, teetering between sorrow and optimism, where thoughts oscillate between introspective musings and the grounded voice of logic. It’s the quiet call of a tender heart murmuring, “catch me if I fall..” The Norwegian musical artistMathilde Widding, encapsulates this shared feeling in her recent neo-soul track, Tangled up in Blue, released on August 18, 2023.

Mathilde’s voice is a river of emotion, flowing smoothly through the valleys of neo-soul. It’s rich, soulful, and laden with a depth that resonates with the listener’s very core. Every note she sings is imbued with a raw emotion that paints a vivid picture of confusion, longing, and the age-old battle between the heart and the mind. Her conviction is palpable, making you believe every word, every sigh, every plea.

The musical composition exemplifies elegance in its minimalism. The piano takes the forefront, crafting the mood with its tuneful symphony, while the bass and percussion provide a steady heartbeat to the track. The guitar, though understated, casts its spell, particularly during the chorus, adding dimensions to an already multifaceted sonic canvas. The sound engineering is of the highest caliber, ensuring each instrument and vocal subtlety is captured with pristine precision.

Mathilde Widding Tangled Up In Blue song cover
Mathilde Widding Tangled Up In Blue song cover

In terms of lyrics, Tangled up in Blue is an odyssey. Starting with the soulful lines of “Catch me.. if I fall” to the evocative admission of feeling “kinda dizzy like smoke who hang around,” the track takes you on an emotional whirlwind. The repeated motif of feeling “played out” and “tangled up in blue” serves as a symbolic gesture to the maze of human sentiments, particularly when passion, yearning, and rationale converge.

Yet, the standout element is the track’s memorable chorus. It’s the sort that stays with you, the sort you find echoing in your mind hours after the last note has played.

To sum it up, Tangled up in Blue is a song that mirrors those instances when we find ourselves ensnared in a web of feelings, yearning for comfort, comprehension, and the hope that if we do waver, there’ll be someone to hold us steady. This piece undoubtedly merits inclusion in every music playlist.

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