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Michael Baker Releases Soulful Song Until The End

Tue Mar 29 2022

Songs have the power to move you, and Until the End by Michael Baker is a fine example. It’s a retro soulful track with a lush atmospheric soundscape that evokes warmth conveying an intense level of vulnerability. Intimate lyrics that are both moody and wistful tug at your core as the emotional vocals from Michael subdue you. Until the End […]

HEXE Drops Infectious New Single Crush

Tue Mar 29 2022

Vocalist/songwriter Lex Stowe and producer Callum Raab stormed 2021 as HËXĖ with their track Call Me, and it looks like they have another exciting year ahead with their new song, Crush. The duo has a good thing going on, as the sugary vocals from Lex do not disappoint, effortlessly merging with the vibrant and up-tempo […]

Kubla Kahn Releases Vulnerable Single Fly Sometimes

Fri Mar 25 2022

Kubla Kahn captures the moment with the heartfelt track Fly Sometimes. The singer-songwriter wrote the song after a life-altering health experience in 2019 when he was diagnosed with heart failure. The ordeal made him realize life is too short, and there is no reason not to pursue your heart’s desire. For Kubla, it meant it […]

Ike Rhein X Luh Kel Showcase Their Talents In Messed It Up

Mon Mar 21 2022

Miami-based artist Ike Rhein enlists the help of platinum recording artist Luh Kel on the emotional Messed It Up. It is an atmospheric track layered with heartfelt lyrics and smooth melodic vocals. Both artists bring their A-game to the table as they showcase their abilities sonically. The music video highlights different emotional scenes featuring Ike Rhein, Luh […]

Jordan Pratt Releases The Gorgeous Single The Deepest of Blues

Sun Mar 20 2022

Singer-songwriter Jordan Pratt releases the emotional track The Deepest of Blues. He creates a gorgeous soundscape, filled with gentle harmonies created by his warm, heartfelt vocals layer with soft guitar strums. The LA-based folk artist pens a heartfelt and touching chorus, that is comforting with healing qualities. This is a song about loyalty. There is […]

Luke Royalty Drops The Wistful Blue Peter

Sun Mar 20 2022

The single blue peter by Luke Royalty is a tapestry of sounds and ideas. It reflects on childhood memories and  addresses  issues of  mental health and addiction. It is wistful, with crisp, thoughtful, and honest verses. Although sad in parts, blue peter has an uplifting and infectious melody that pulls it all together.  “There are some nostalgic feelings in […]

Tony Jaiye Drops The Inspirational Song Energy

Sun Mar 20 2022

Nigerian-British afro-fusion artist and Entrepreneur Tony Jaiye’s fourth single, ENERGY, is a vibrant and eclectic song with an anthemic vibe. The track is about self-liberation and self-belief with Fela Kuti-inspired vibes designed to make listeners feel like they are the main character. Tony Jaiye wants to show age is not a factor in achieving greatness. […]

Northwest Stories Releases The Inspiring Song With Me

Sat Mar 19 2022

Indie folk duo Northwest Stories proclaim their belief in the fate-inspired song With Me in the form of a warm and heartfelt story. Soft vocals on the spaced guitar instrumentals declare the pair’s faith in God for always being there for them. The song is inspirational and a reminder to all those that believe in […]

Zach Settle Releases The Reflective New Single To Be A Man

Sat Mar 19 2022

Seattle-based indie singer /rapper Zach Settle has released an emotive new single entitled To Be A Man. Over soft piano and subtle harmonies, heartfelt vocals flow in tandem with melodic guitar instrumentals as Zach openly bares his soul with lyrics steeped in introspection. The arrangement and delivery magnificently display a rawness and vulnerability many will find relatable. “This […]

Emma Freeman Warms The Soul With Winter Coat

Sat Mar 19 2022

Singer-songwriter Emma Freeman warms the soul with her heartfelt song Winter Coat. The song is bittersweet as it captures emotions of sadness, hope, and inspiration. Guitar chords with lush and soothing harmonies complete the melancholic soundscape. With the honest lyrics, each line evokes a poignant feeling, while Emma Freeman’s melodious and soft vocals assist in […]

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