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SVMI Drops A Heartfelt Track Feel Alike

Mon Jul 19 2021

SVMI takes you on an introspective journey on the single Feel Alike. He weaves infectious lyrics on a warm bed of piano acoustics and sublime instrumentals, making it heartfelt. The Manchester-based artist touches on personal matters in his life and his prescribed way of dealing with them, which many will find relatable. Feel Alike is […]

I Need A Doctor Is A Mesmerising Track By Emanuel

Wed Jul 07 2021

Emanuel bares his soul on the new track I Need A Doctor as he delves deep into the utmost chasm of his psyche. He takes you on an enchanted journey with sublime vocals that mingle with the sparse piano keys at the intro, which later grows to a climax with other instrumentals further adding charm. […]

Find Comfort In The Lush And Dreamy Single Desperate Times By Brooke Williams

Mon Jul 05 2021

Brooke Williams enchants with the dreamy single Desperate Times, the perfect elixir for the lovesick and heartbroken. She dreamily sings of the relatable complexities of a breakup for the lovelorn. Imagine putting your time and energy into a relationship, living with that euphoric feeling of being in love. Then only for that feeling to be […]

Smokiecoco Drop A Summer Soaked track M54 (Telf To Birmingham)

Mon Jul 05 2021

Smokiecoco, two brothers from the Midlands, drop a cheeky and infectious track M54 (Telf To Birmingham), just in time for summer. The chemistry between the brothers is evident in the way they complement each other on the track. Smokiecoco told us exclusively, “We wanted summer energy, we wanted good vibes, and we wanted to show […]

Vigo Blax Drops The Poignant Feelings In My Phone

Wed Jun 30 2021

It’s uncommon to enjoy a sampled song as much as the original. However, Vigo Blax has done this with Feelings In My Phone. International songwriter and producer duo Vigo and Jones have sampled the classic track Where Is My Mind by Pixies and made something profoundly exciting. The pair have added new distinct touches to the classic song […]

Peachcurls Drops The Soulful Track Right Now

Tue Jun 29 2021

Peachcurls takes you back with Right Now, a soulful track that unwinds slowly like a long-awaited gift. The trumpets and keys add a gospel feel that makes the lyrics resonate with a conscious appeal. Right Now is about focusing on the moment and not taking our time with loved ones for granted. In some sense, […]

Rap God Dax Unveils His Latest Freestyle

Tue Jun 29 2021

Dax keeps on reaching for new heights with every single he drops, and again he notches another bar. Definitely a worthy contender for rap God, the verses speak for themselves. His latest track The Next Rap God shows how underrated Dax is. Lyrically he is flawless, and his delivery is on point as usual. I must […]

KID TRAVIS Drops Another Party Bop LINK UP

Wed Jun 09 2021

Every song released by Kid Travis in 2021 has been a banger. He has the rare ability to make every song catchy, regardless of genre. Now he drops Link Up, and again he hits the mark. The lyrics roll with ease and flow with ease with the RnB-inspired beat. What you have is another party […]

Lil Brows Drops The Compelling FIREBOY

Tue Jun 08 2021

If you don’t know about Lil Brows, it’s time you get to know of this lyricist that has crafted an infectious sound for himself. Fortunately, he just dropped an album FIREBOY, which is straight fire from the start to the end. FIREBOY consists of eleven songs, and Lil Brows does well to bring his A-game […]

Lauren Dejey Opens Up On Feelings Of Vulnerability On Blackout

Tue Jun 08 2021

Vulnerable and hushed vocals from Lauren Dejey swim in the mix of lush atmospheric sounds introducing you to the relatable theme of Blackout. Lauren takes you through a mirage of emotions as she sings about the uneasy feeling of having no recollection of a fun night out. However, there is an overwhelmingly sweet feeling that […]

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