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Tyra Whitson Drops The Empowering Lady-Like

Mon Oct 11 2021

Tyra Whitson drops the catchy song Lady-Like, and it shimmers with incredible warmth. The song has the tell-tale signs of an old classic made for the twentieth century. It starts softly with warm vocals from Tyra that flow on the sparse acoustics gently drawing you into the track. The song switches to an upbeat tempo […]

TUBBZ Drops A Captivating Tale On Grime Kid

Mon Oct 11 2021

TUBBZ never misses a trick and once again drops catchy track Grime Kid. It’s a well-put-together set of inspiring verses delivered on a mellow beat to make the lyrics king. Although the tale is TUBBZ’s perspective of his mundane experience and desires, it is interesting nevertheless.The calmness and timing of the wordplay on Grime Kid […]

Lifted Is A Myriad Of Eclectic Sounds From Ellyn Woods

Mon Oct 11 2021

Ellyn Woods takes us on a satisfying journey with a myriad of eclectic sounds on the single Lifted. An intensely reflective and relatable song with lush vocals layered with a backdrop of atmospheric sounds. It’s nothing short of falling into a good dream that keeps getting better and better the deeper you slip into it. […]

Worry Club Battles Self-doubt With Introspective Single Vince Vaughn

Wed Sep 29 2021

Worry Club sums up the struggles independent music artists face with the dreamy single Vince Vaughn. Worry Club is the latest project from Chicago native Chase Walsh. The track is soothing, contrary to the reality of the lyrics, as Chase sings with hazy and calming vocals on the backdrop of mellow instrumentals. This contrasting feeling […]

BLK Drops Inspirational Single Girls

Wed Sep 29 2021

BLK hailed as Toronto’s first R&B girl group drops their anthemic single Girls. It’s an inspiring single saturated with infectious and lush melodies, accompanied with sultry and catchy vocals that make you swoon with excitement.  BLK’s chemistry is evident, and the diverse range of vocals and relatable lyrics make every track appealing.  Check out BLK’s […]

Rasmus Hagen Releases Fairy Tale Love Song Learn To Love

Sat Sep 25 2021

The Swedish singer-songwriter Rasmus Hagen takes you on a fairy tale journey with his latest single Learn To Love featuring Dutch artist Maxine. The song has everything you want for an inspirational love song, as it shadows the highs and lows of falling in love. The intense and heartfelt lyrics are beguiling and combined with […]

Ivory Blue Drops The Infectious Track Gbege

Wed Sep 22 2021

On the new single Gbege, Ivory Blue fuses seductive vocals with highlife-inspired production. And, what comes out on the other end is unique and satisfying. Although Gbege is reminiscent of other highlife tracks in the past, Ivory Blue has forged a sound he can call his. Be sure to check out Ivory Blues’ previous single, […]

Henry Dukes Exposes His Vulnerability On If I Die Tomorrow Ft Tom Phelps

Tue Sep 21 2021

Heartfelt writing with bittersweet melodies saturates the new single If I Die Tomorrow by Henry Dukes. An overwhelming intensity permeates the warm vocals from the 17-year-old that flow fluently on the guitar strings and draw you into the depths of his thoughts. With intense lyrics, he conveys an immense feeling of vulnerability that leaves you […]

Trav B Ryan Drops Single Save Me In Support Of Mental Health

Mon Sep 20 2021

Trav B Ryan has a way about his art that makes it exciting and endearing. And, once again, he does not disappoint with the track, Save Me, raising the issue of Mental Awareness. Trav B spits soul-touching verses layered on a bed of sentimental instrumentals and chorus. He accosts you with the trials of been […]

S.O. Drops Date Night Song Want You

Mon Sep 20 2021

Want You is one of those songs which is about flirting and falling in love. S.O. drives the sensual track with a mix of RnB and afro-centric vibes, making it stand out. With fine lines to send you into a spin, he takes you through the motions of being the perfect suitor. Want You shines with […]

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