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Premiere: Son Kuma Sets Himself Apart With Good For Life

Thu Feb 18 2021

What would you give to be Good For Life? And, what would you do? I know the first thing that comes to mind is living lavishly. However, Son Kuma plans to take a different approach ignoring the trappings. Judging by his new single, Good For Life. He flows with a selfless consideration for others while […]

Chin Injeti Honours Black Women With Song For The Love Of Life

Wed Feb 17 2021

Chin Injeti honours black women with the new single, For the Love of Life. It’s an inspirational track that brings to light the mistreatment of women of colour in society. The Grammy Award-winning Producer teams up with Canadian based Hip-Hop artist, Teon Gibbs, to explore these issues. The single carries a solemn feel glossed with […]

Molly Hammar Gets Feisty On Douchebag

Fri Feb 12 2021

Molly Hammar gets feisty on Douchebag. She weaves catchy vocals on the R&B-influenced instrumentals creating a party track. The song is also peppered with infectious lush moments. Douchebag shines with anthemic qualities people will find relatable.It’s not an anti-love song, but the emancipation of getting and staying out of a bad relationship. “‘Douchebag’’is the most […]

Gao The Arsonist Releases The Genre-Bending Enigma Dead Leaves

Thu Feb 11 2021

Gaze into the deep with Gao The Arsonist on his new release Dead Leaves. It is a somewhat gritty and mysterious dance with dark issues that is intoxicating. It’s an enigma with references easily misinterpreted, though I’ll leave that to the listener. Gao The Arsonist explained his theory of the track to us and says […]

The Creative Expression Of Ann G On Blast Off Leaves You Wanting More

Wed Feb 10 2021

The creative expression of ANN G on Blast Off leaves you wanting more. Singing can be difficult, and creating the beat to go along is not an easy task. However, Ann G has done that, weaving lush vocals on 100% produced human sounds. Furthermore, Blast Off is a delightful spectacle that captures your attention. It […]

Conor Albert x Alice Auer’s New Single Forget Takes You Back In Time

Tue Feb 09 2021

Conor Albert x Alice Auer‘s new single Forget takes you back in time. It’s a reflective track that flows smoothly on sublime jazzy instrumentals, and with the mellow vocals from Alice blending with synchronicity on the beat, the duo creates an enamoring sound. The pair has fused neo-soul, R&B, and jazz seamlessly, and created a […]

Victor Perry Enchants On New Single Stories

Tue Feb 09 2021

Slip into the comfort of Stories by Victor Perry. The intimate vocals from Victor flow on the atmospheric instrumentals producing a warm feeling. As the song goes on, a euphoric feeling settles on you. It reassures you everything is going to be alright, regardless of your situation. However, Stories reflects how past events are viewed […]

Head Over Heels For Cooper Phillip

Mon Feb 01 2021

Head Over Heels by Cooper Phillip mixes a classic pop vibe with the new. It’s like having two songs from different eras meshed into a fine blend of uplifting nuance. The lyrics are empowering with a message of letting go of the past to move forward. Cooper Phillip delivers a strong performance with vocals bellowing […]

UK Rap Artist ROMELL Drops Lovers Freestyle

Mon Feb 01 2021

UK rap artist ROMELL drops Lovers Freestyle. He breathes a new vibe into the British rap scene with a pedigree we probably attribute to other artists of a now older generation. Lovers Freestyle is a mellow introspective track with realness, hardly seen today. The delivery is on point, and ROMELL gives you something to contemplate […]

Chace DeVibe Drops Swear Down

Sun Jan 31 2021

Chace DeVibe is on a mission to reach his vision with Swear Down. The 22-year-old South-East London artist sets lofty goals with the mindset of a winner. And judging by the quality of Swear Down, he is on to something. The infectious vocals on the laid-back instrumentals shimmer with an emotional brilliance. The multi-talented Chace […]

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