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So Jealous By MOLI Is A Social Media Plight

Mon Apr 13 2020

So Jealous by MOLI is a social media plight. It is a synth-pop ballad that unapologetically brings to light the negative aspects of social media today. So Jealous highlights the way information can be perceived and the toxicity it can breed. MOLI sings in crystal clear vocals of how difficult it is to find closure in…

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Quench Your Musical Thirst With ‘Coconut Water’ By Fiction.

Fri Oct 26 2018

When it comes to hip-hop and rap there is no particular style that equates to greatness but, Fiction. brings a refreshing new sound of his new single that embodies just that. ‘Coconut Water’ is his thirst-quenching new single that is everything you didn’t realise you’ve been missing. From start to finish Fiction. tells the story of today’s society making his personal feelings…

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How to Earn Money With Your Music on YouTube

Thu Sep 28 2017

It seems as though everyone has a YouTube channel these days, from makeup brands hoping to find an audience to celebrities to stay-at-home parents eager to show off the ins and outs of their daily life. While YouTube has long provided a creative outlet to these passionate individuals, that’s hardly the platform’s only draw; for many,…

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How Stars Get Famous on Social Media

Wed Sep 13 2017

With the rise of social media over the past few decades, it often seems like anybody can be a star these days. However, even with all the social media tools at our disposal, it can feel nearly impossible for the average guy or girl to make a career for themselves. So, how do celebs leverage their…

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10 Social Media Tips For Emerging Music Artists in 2017

Wed Dec 28 2016

Promoting yourself on social media can be a time consuming and monotonous task and, let’s face it, we all want to be recognised for the work we put in. For music artists, it can be even more difficult to get noticed among the endless sea of talent out there, and yet, as imperative as ever. Established…

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