fiction.When it comes to hip-hop and rap there is no particular style that equates to greatness but, Fiction. brings a refreshing new sound of his new single that embodies just that. ‘Coconut Water’ is his thirst-quenching new single that is everything you didn’t realise you’ve been missing. From start to finish Fiction. tells the story of today’s society making his personal feelings known during his commentary. The LA-based artist who is also a producer and songwriter is not shy when it comes to putting his rejection of 2018 culture over an enticing beat.

As the song begins it immediately grabs your attention. You first hear a soft instrumental that peaks your interests and lures you in, but before you’ve realised what happened Fiction. comes out all guns blazing. Opening with “why do b*tches drink coconut water, but don’t like the taste” he wastes no time in calling out the behaviour he so clearly despises. Not one to be in the spotlight himself (as we can tell from him hiding his face in all pictures) it makes sense that his focus is the music and not celebrity. It seems as though Fiction’s dislike for fame driven individuals comes from real life experiences which he expresses through the lyrics of ‘Coconut Water’. With lines like “yeah, yeah, you’re Instagram famous but tell me what happens when they find out your basic’ and “you’re fu*king up music and that’s my fu*king opinion” it is a targeted observation of how you don’t need to have a talent to be successful, you just need good branding and a dedicated following.

Fiction’s storytelling ability and lyricism is comparable to that of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar and this messaged filled song will undoubtedly go on record as a classic. Having a trap beat is currently a popular thing to do but the electronic sections elevate the unique sounding track. Mixing the two genres means it is familiar sound but with fresh elements, so it is not boring and a carbon copy of what everyone else is doing.