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What’s Coming On Neon Music’s Playlist?

Sun Mar 15 2020

What’s coming on Neon Music’s Playlist? There are too many amazing and creative artists out there creating masterpieces and while it’s easy to add songs to our playlist and leave it at that, it doesn’t do the music artists enough justice. We would like to give you a little preview of the tracks on coming on […]

Why Musicians Need a Music Blog Like Neon Music

Mon Dec 10 2018

In this day and age, with the mass of new music accessible to the general public via streaming and YouTube, it is sometimes arduous to gain the steady footing to ensure, as a musical artist, your work is seen and heard. It is also just as perplexing for the general music lover to know what […]

Neon Music In The Feedspot Top 50 UK Music Blogs

Tue Oct 16 2018

We have had quite a journey starting out as Britznbeatz in the summer of 2016 and re-branding to Neon Music in June this year. The reason behind both websites is to offer exposure for emerging artists who are putting out phenomenal music, but a lot of the time just not getting the recognition they deserve. […]

Emmanz1 Releases New Single ‘Damn It’

Fri Sep 14 2018

Sometimes you’ve just gotta say “damn it!” and keep on pushing. And Auckland-based artist Emmanz1 has done exactly that. The Nigerian-born rapper came out guns blazing for his recent trap single ‘Damn It,’ a high-intensity track with the vehement hook “Tryna get it every day, tryna get it every night, but damn it, damn it, […]

VRWRK Releases Debut Album ‘On The Outside’

Mon Aug 27 2018

Trio VRWRK has released their 10-track debut album ‘On the Outside’ – so fans of 2017’s bangers, ‘Face It’ and ‘Hearts Beating In Sync,’ rejoice. The electro-pop innovators comprise of East London-based producers Matt Sey, Jergan Callebaut, and vocalist Salem Khazali; a psychiatrist, a psychologist, and a graphic designer respectively. In other words – a […]

Finis Mundi Releases Debut Album EVERYTHING AFTER

Tue Aug 14 2018

Swedish producer Finis Mundi has dropped his debut album, ‘EVERYTHING AFTER’ – and it’s hot. YourEDM, Hype Machine, Spotify, and Run The Trap have all been quick to advocate the project. With its two lead singles ‘Say That’ and ‘Lose It All (What If)’ racking up streams close to the million mark, the highly-anticipated debut […]

‘The Soul EP’ Marks A Strong Return for Starling

Fri Jul 06 2018

Picture a bubblegum-pink pop princess – but pulling the finger. London-based singer Starling returns from her hiatus with the release of her new EP where attitude amalgamates with sugary, candy pop to create something edgy, distinctive, and discernibly raw. Following the release of its single which pulls back on mainstream pop pretense to expose a […]

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