Sometimes you’ve just gotta say “damn it!” and keep on pushing. And Auckland-based artist Emmanz1 has done exactly that. The Nigerian-born rapper came out guns blazing for his recent trap single ‘Damn It,’ a high-intensity track with the vehement hook “Tryna get it every day, tryna get it every night, but damn it, damn it, damn it, gotta go, go, go, get it.” The track encapsulates the definition of the ‘daily grind’, an ode to the relentless pursuit of greatness. It’s an interesting juxtaposition; Emmanz’ fast-paced, vehement flow and heavy trap beat are offset by motivational, fervid lyrics. ‘Damn It’ takes the best of conventional trap, with its layered bass, 808 hi-hats, kick drums and dark, moody ominosity, and subverts it with dynamic energy and a raw message of perseverance. “Life ain’t no movie, get it right” – he spits positivity, yet with a darkly sinister undertone. Yes, Emmanz, we will get it right.

Emmanz1 himself is no newcomer to the musical grind. At the age of ten, he discovered his passion for music, subsequently learning both the piano and guitar. Although currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand, Emmanz1 is heavily influenced by the UK music scene, describing his style as a collective mix of “hip-hop/rap, Afrobeats, grime, dancehall, Reggaeton, and R&B.” His diverse musical influences have contributed to a unique approach to rap, unafraid to experiment with a multitude of genres. Emmanz1 cites international artists J. Cole, Mos Def, Joey Badass, D. Double E and Novelist as key influences, as well as popular UK Afrobeat rappers such as Not3s and J Hus.

Emmanz1 has recently finished working on his first EP ‘Destiny,’ a project completed alongside co-artists Leilani Davies and D. Matthews, who respectively form the trio E.L.D. E.L.D have made a name for themselves performing high-energy gigs across New Zealand, “working closely as a team…to create more musical vibes in all musical genres, to get the crowds dancing off their feet.” Davies similarly co-directed the recently-released ‘Damn It’ music video, alongside videographer and producer Max Media NZ.

Ultimately, Auckland should not be overlooked as a little city in the Land of Sheep and Hobbits – nor underestimated as a place full of upcoming and diverse talent. As noted by Emmanz1, “Auckland has some new upcoming, talent artists shining out to make a name in the music industry.”  

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