Swedish producer Finis Mundi has dropped his debut album, ‘EVERYTHING AFTER’ – and it’s hot. YourEDM, Hype Machine, Spotify, and Run The Trap have all been quick to advocate the project. With its two lead singles ‘Say That’ and ‘Lose It All (What If)’ racking up streams close to the million mark, the highly-anticipated debut has nabbed Top 25 spots on both the US Viral Chart and Spotify’s Global Viral Chart, cementing Finis Mundi’s rapid ascent as a genre-bending talent.

Based in Stockholm, the producer, artist, and musician is known for his canny genre manipulation, blending EDM elements with new-school R&B, bass, and pop flavours to bring fresh creativity to popular music. Recorded in both Sweden and Germany, EVERYTHING AFTER brings to the table five collaborative tracks which showcase exciting new artists from across the globe. With 72,000 streams on SoundCloud, the debut single ‘Say That’ packs a punch with German featuring artist NOVAA, who boasts an impressive 12 million streams on Spotify. Australian artist Akacia, who similarly exhibits a strong social following with over 10 million streams alongside the support of Complex, provides a sweet feature on the summery, Oriental inflections of ‘Away’. The round-the-world trip is completed by American Lilianna Wilde and her contribution to the bass-heavy ‘Money’, and Island Fox’s UK flavour accompanying the aptly-named ‘Loveless’, the album’s moody, creeping closing track. Overall, EVERYTHING AFTER presents a pleasingly eclectic sound which blends fresh innovation from a plethora of genres – fans of Mura Masa and Flume should check this one out.

The project tracks the stages of a “doomed love story,” capturing each progressive emotion from initial infatuation, to self-doubt, to the inevitability of heartache and ‘everything after.’ The strength of its collaborations and his artful, genre-bending creativity breathes new life into the standard pop theme of ‘love and heartbreak,’ conveying the conventional thematic journey in fresh and exciting ways. The strength of its production as a pop record can similarly be exemplified by Mundi’s associates, with fellow Swedish artist August Vinberg’s resume boasting work with Iggy Azalea and Camila Cabello.

In his own words, Finis Mundi describes his inspiration for EVERYTHING AFTER as not “about a breakup per se, but it is more about the raw emotional and physical journey you go through, in the aftermath of a relationship, and how you fight with your inner-self between the past and the present. I’m not quite comfortable dealing with blame and stupid games, either in relationship or dating; I’m more into reflections, and this is what this record is about.

Instead of dwelling on the usual blame game, I’d rather talk about how we as humans evolve over time, how someone deals with past emotions to become something even stronger than before. What’s so ironic about the whole album is that it’s not about a certain person who has been in my life, but it is about the different stages that one of my best friend and I went through in dealing with our past relationships, a while ago.

Bringing to the table mellow, EDM-driven pop with a fresh take on futuristic R&B, Finis Mundi and EVERYTHING AFTER will not disappoint. Based on his strong following on music-sharing platforms, ‘everything after’ this is going to be promising.

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