Squale Doles Out Opulent Anthem in Dose

by Marcus Adetola

25th April, 2024

Squale Doles Out Opulent Anthem in Dose

Grammy-nominated producer Squale steps into the spotlight with his latest single, Dose, a high-octane track brimming with braggadocio and introspection.

The self-produced beat throbs with an undeniable energy, perfectly complementing Squale’s electrifying verses.

He raps with his signature larger-than-life persona, boasting about a lavish lifestyle where work and play seamlessly collide.

Lines like “every night I’m at Carbone, with stacks, we switching rosters” paint a vivid picture of opulence.

The accompanying music video reinforces this theme. Juxtaposing scenes of Squale’s penthouse existence with glimpses of his humble beginnings, the video offers a window into the rapper’s journey.

It’s a subtle reminder that the path to success is often paved with struggle.

However, there’s a layer of nuance beneath the bravado. The heartfelt inclusion of Squale’s grandfather enjoying the fruits of his labour hints at a deeper appreciation for his roots.

Dose avoids being a one-note celebration of excess, instead offering a glimpse into the duality of a life earned through hard work and now filled with luxury.

Squale’s latest single is a confident and catchy offering, likely to resonate with fans of his previous work.

Stream Squale Dose on Spotify:

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