Listening to North London-based singer-songwriter Seaker is a bit like being in a dream as she favours a melancholy backbone with ethereal vocals and poignant lyrics creating an overall haunting effect. ‘Words’ is the follow up to her single ‘The Waters‘ which was released last spring and it’s oh so good. It gradually builds piece by piece by adding more layers of instrumentals, billowing sonics and a beat which throbs on the sea-bed of the melancholic melody and echoing harmonies. I particularly like the rippling effect of the piano towards the end, as water is obviously an inspiration for Seaker with lyrics containing the word and her previous single entitled ‘The Waters’.

Seaker describes her new single, “‘Words'” is about the complexities of love, so you might call it a love song, sort of. It’s about how emotions fall outside of boxes and also the vast depths of crazy emotion we’re capable of feeling when we’re really connected to someone. It’s also about hoping you’re enough for someone you really love, and trying to explain how you feel, but the words never seem to say enough“.

‘Words’ is a languid, heartrending and vulnerable song which leaves a lasting impression. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait so long for Seaker’s next musical offering.

Seaker will be performing at Birthdays in London w/Gaze on June 15th.

You can stream ‘Words‘.