‘The Waters,’ the new single from Seaker, an independent musician based in North London, does what it says on the tin and is a simply tranquil piece of music you can immerse yourself in. The song was born out of a very uncertain time in Seaker’s life where she started to think more about things in reference to nature and landscape. You can hear this within the track as it emits a calm energy throughout in the placid melody, bursts of sounds as if you can hear nature around you and, of course, Seaker’s serene vocals washing over you.

The video which accompanies the track is a “visual dream-board” for the viewer. ‘The Waters’ is influenced by the elements and is also about missing someone or something. The song finishes far too quickly so replay, enjoy, float on the gentle melody and get lost in Seaker and this beautiful piece of music.

Seaker is currently working on new material and about to retreat to the countryside for some solace and to enable her writing to flow. She will release new material later this year.

In the meantime, you can catch Seaker live at The Lexington, London on 29th May.