I have to admit, I wasn’t too familiar with the yacht rock genre, but now I’m hooked thanks to New York band Bad Business who release their debut EP ‘Day Job Guys’ today. Sail away on the nostalgic seas of breezy summer jams which conjure up fun in the sun and all the good things you need in your life. The trio is mainly influenced by soft rock legends such as Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers and their sound is rooted in the 70s and it’s indulgent and oh so glossy.

The EP begins with titular track ‘Day Job Guys’ and you are immediately launched into retro vibes with psychedelic acid jazz which screams of big sunglasses, big hair, sweat-slicked skin and a twirling moustache or two. ‘Ride Along’ has a louche feel with freewheeling jazz and a persistently groove-ready beat. This is music where instrumentals really shine. The guys can do melancholy too. ‘Keep Me In Your Heart’ is a mellow ballad but it gets more lively later on. I’m sure my parents danced to something similar at a Barmitzvah back in the 90’s, but that’s what Bad Business is all about. Happy memories, retro times and not caring what people think – just enjoying life.

Next up is ‘Turn It On’ featuring Oh He Dead; this was the band’s latest single and hits the sweet spot between playful, feel-good and positively euphoric. You’ll be singing it for days….I have been. The visuals show off the yuppy yacht rock feels to perfection and, yes, Hawaiian shirts never go out of style. Bad Business round off their EP with ‘Prophets In The Sand’ which shows off their versatile palette with more instrumentals and a rock aspect.

Make it your business to check out Bad Business and ‘Day Job Guys’.

If you’re in New York catch Bad Business at their album party at The Bowery Electric on June 23rd

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