Jess McAvoyWe’re never completely alone, especially when we have music to accompany us on this journey called life. Jess McAvoy perfectly encapsulates this feeling in her new single ‘All Alone’ which is released today.

Beautifully performed with Alicia Madison, ‘All Alone’ touches on many feelings in such a simplistic way. Through tender lyrics, the lovingly plucked acoustic guitar, and standout harmonies which strike a poignant chord in the coldest of hearts. Sometimes that’s all you need in music.

Jess McAvoy is an Australian-born and raised singer-songwriter who embarked for the bright lights of New York City in 2011 and now resides in Brooklyn. She has been writing music for 20 years, telling tales through a hybrid of blues, pop, rock, and Americana.

‘All Alone’ is a shared personal experience poured from McAvoy’s memories. You almost feel like you are sitting around a camp fire listening to her tell a story; the breeze whipping your hair, fire crackling, tears silently streaming down your face in the flickering shadows. This song conjures all of that – and her voice sings just to you; sharing your joy, your pain. It is intimate and honest, McAvoy’s Australian twang coming through almost jolting you to reality – it’s an emotional experience and also a profound one.

There are no magpie mornings on this other end of earth,
The winter’s take forever just to give you back the sun.
People talk in seasons here, my bones they start to hurt,
Cos I’ve been chasing sunsets since I first learned how to run,
And I’m all, all alone.
I am all, all alone.
We are all alone.

Jess McAvoy says, “‘All Alone’ reflects upon how we’ve all set forth to follow our passions and dreams, leaving behind the familiarity of home in search of lands anew. Whether it be a scent, sight or sound reviving our childhood memories and careening ourselves back to the thought of home, we realize that no matter how near or far, we’re ultimately connected to where we’re from and the people that love us. We’re truly never “All Alone.

This was my first experience of Jess McAvoy, but she has pulled me into her magnetic field and I want to hear more. In times of chaos and darkness her music is a welcome relief.

There’s a sky that knows me,
Like nobody knows me,
When my feet are on that land,
There’s a heat that holds me like nobody holds me,
Reminds me who I am.

Stream ‘All Alone‘.