Jvck James’ latest single fills your soul with psychedelic RnB earworms reminiscing music from the 00’s. This track follows up from his two previously released tracks earlier in the summer ‘Fears‘ and ‘On My Way‘ both also featuring deep bass lines and fresh stretched out synths.

Producer LordQuest (SZA, ScHoolboy Q) cements Jvck James’ music into the RnB genre with ‘Wine’ showing musical inspiration from R.Kelly and Lloyd. The reverbs across the whole song widens the listener’s viewpoint of modern RnB. Jvck James’ vocals push the song through further levels with spaced out harmonies touching different standards of what British RnB can be like.

At such a young age we all make mistakes. Sometimes that’s a good thing and just part of growing up; over time we age like a fine wine!” – Jvck James

The lyrics to ‘Wine’ shines Jvck James’ maturity with thorough mentions far and wide of the track ageing like old wine. Involving great self-awareness by considering himself a ‘work in progress’ getting better with time. There’s no need to rush himself into perfection ‘cause perfection is a deception that only leads to depression’ and ‘god’s cookin’ up a blessing, no need for distressing’. Jvck James presents a wholesome, positive image for his fans as things may not be how you’d want them currently but give your wounds time to heal instead of rushing into things, and you’ll age like old wine.

The simplicity of the newly released music video is what makes the most significant impact for watchers as the plain colours lighting used in most scenes set the tone of the track automatically. The video draws the attention to just Jvck James and his love interest who are also the focus of the song. The apartment partly used as a music studio with stripped back brickwork walls and windows open looking straight onto (London?) streets shows just a glimpse of what modern British culture can be like especially for an independent artist like Jvck James. Director of the video Elliot Simpson has undoubtedly done a brilliant job assisting Jvck James to portray himself in the music video in this way representing a sizeable portion generation’s mood and vibe towards his chilled genre of chilled RnB music.

Listen to ‘Wine’.

You can catch Jvck James on tour:
17th September – The Jazz Cafe, Camden *
3rd October – The Lemon Grove, Exeter **
4th October – O2 Academy 2, Oxford **
5th October – The Haunt, Brighton **
7th October – Junction 1, Cambridge **
8th October – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham **
10th October – Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton **
11th October – Electric Brixton, London **
14th October – Leaf, Liverpool **
15th October – The Wardrobe, Leeds **
17th October – Gorilla, Manchester **

(* supporting James Vickery)
(** supporting Mahalia)