Ea KayaDanish pop star Ea Kaya has been dubbed one to watch in 2019 having won praise for previous release ‘Tied Up’ but behind there’s a lot more to pop star life besides the obvious glitz and glamour, and she wants more people to know that.

Getting candid about the sometimes “unthankful craft” of making music, she says, “I’m in a good position now personally. But up until recently, I had to study full time next to my music career simply to pay my rent. I had breakdowns every week because I was so worn out. I’ve never said this in an interview before, but that’s the reality.

She believes that it is healthy for people to hear about and understand this side of their favourite musicians. But it’s not all bad. She continues to say that artists do what they do because they love it so much. She says, “We do it because it gives us energy like nothing else. It’s addictive in the most wonderful way.

And Ea Kaya’s latest release ‘Don’t Complicate It’ reflects this happy energy. Speaking about the inspiration behind the playful track she says, “It’s a fun song about young love. You’re dating somebody who’s not looking for anything serious, but of course, you’ve caught the feels. Every time you hint whether the two of you are ever going to be something more, he avoids your questions.

Known for her outspoken brand of electro-pop music, she explains that she has been experimenting with her songwriting for a decade, finally discovering that adding a personal touch worked best when creating songs. On finding her sound, she continues, “I entered a recording studio for the first time two years ago and I was very uncertain about my direction at that time – I just knew it had to fit somewhere under the large umbrella of pop. Around that time, I began listening to electronic pop as artists like Troye Sivan was blooming, and I could just feel something click. That was definitely it.

Delving more into the topic of influences, she reveals that her professional inspirations tend to inspire her personally as well. The people that inspire her just as down to earth, as they are talented, as she gushes about the likes of Maggie Rogers, whose song ‘Light On’ she has on repeat, Alessia Cara, who isn’t afraid “to give showbiz standards the finger” with her casual approach to red carpets, and Taylor Swift, who despite being one of the biggest pop stars in the world retains her wit.

As we move on to the most memorable moments in her career, Ea Kaya exclaims that signing her first record label tops the list, closely followed by hearing herself on the radio, and hitting a million streams. However, one aspect of her musical journey she has left unexplored is live performances which she hopes to make happen in the coming year.

Ea Kaya makes music that is bold, and as she speaks her mind through her creative endeavours, she says hopes that she encourages her listeners to speak their mind as well. With her music she wants to showcase vulnerability, that lets people know that it’s okay to say what’s on your mind: it always shows strength.

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