Munkey Junkey Releases The Experimental ‘Look Out Below’

by Terry Guy

19th June, 2019

The multi-talented Munkey Junkey has dropped his new single ‘Look Out Below’ and we are instantly reminded of the Lo-Fi, distorted Trip-Hop beats of production mastermind Tricky, whilst Junkey delivers an eccentric swag and a vocal tone not too dissimilar to US rapper Macklemore. What is interesting about ‘Look Out Below’ is that considering its fuzzy, industrial-esque synths and laid-back, “flanger-effected” vocal performance, on paper you wouldn’t think, universally, that it would appeal to a mainstream audience. However, the track cleverly performs a minor to major chord structure under a quirky melody, on top of a mid-tempo Pop drum beat which throws us back to Riri’s 2007 hit single ‘Umbrella,’ making it an all-together, ready-for-radio anthem.

Whilst ‘Look Out Below’ is an underground Electro piece, with some hints of mainstream Alt-Pop, Munky Junkey still proves that he is as current as other urban acts out there, since his smooth voice can be easily comparable to Drake’s performance on his 2010 ‘Find Your Love.’ His sound takes inspiration from the various places he has grown up, including the UK, Abu Dhabi, and Switzerland and being of both Indian and English descent.

If this talented artist and producer continues to release experimental Pop tracks such as ‘Look Out Below,’ he could easily sit alongside the wizardry of musicians such as Labrinth. We can’t wait to hear more from the unique Munkey Junkey. Remember where you heard him first.

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