Maeve Releases Her Intoxicating Debut EP ‘Beasts’

by Narzra Ahmed

3th December, 2018

Honey for your love I’ll be a martyr,” Maeve holds nothing back with her debut EP, ‘Beasts’. The opening track, ‘Martyr’, is hypnotic. It has also gained recognition within the music industry and it’s not hard to see why.

Maeve is a hugely talented multi-instrumentalist who originates from the Cayman Islands. Her three-track EP is abundant in real emotions about human relationships, such as ‘Empty’ which gives off Lorde vibes.

‘Eden’ is the last song of the EP and Maeve’s latest single. The song details a toxic relationship and the feeling of being trapped (“we become what we hate and we hate what we become“).

‘Beasts’ is a seriously strong debut from a formidable artist. Every track is excellent and very unique, while still relating perfectly to the others.

Stream Maeve’s EP ‘Beasts‘.

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