Logan Prescott

Logan Prescott Brings Chilled Vibes Back With Love Again

Tue Jun 16 2020

Logan Prescott brings chilled vibes back with Love Again. It’s a smooth single where the indie-pop artist longs for love. Underpinned by Logan’s trademark 80s style, Love Again features dreamy synths and is driven by the serene piano. Soft vocals croon about pining for love but being scared at the same time: I try to […]

Logan Prescott’s How We Wanted Is Perfect For Chilled Summer Days

Fri Apr 17 2020

I am obsessed with this tune! How We Wanted initially reminded me of an old-school 1975 track, which is ironic because this tune throws you back in time with 80’s inspired disco- sounding synthetic beats that drive it forward. It’s just so catchy, trust me! However, the artist behind this indie-pop tune is not Matthew […]

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