Photo by Chelone Wolf

Creative genius Lenzman gifts us with his incredibly versatile single ‘Rain’ featuring the talented hip-hop duo Children of Zeus. It’s the second release from Lenzman’s brand new ‘Bobby’ LP out now via Goldie’s Metalheadz

This hip-hop infused track begins with energised and fast-paced percussion beats which are accompanied by a complete contrast of delicate and laid-back piano chords, creating a build of suspension for the listener, as you really cannot anticipate which direction the music is about to take you. Pulling us in further, Children of Zeus joins to inject some soul into the mix with their beautiful, sunny-sounding vocals, creating the perfect base for Lenzman who takes us on a lyrical journey. Upon its release, ‘Rain’ was a very promising glimpse into what was to come for the ‘Bobby’ LP.

Over the last decade that he has been on the scene, Lenzman has continued to thrive as an artist who has become known for his genre-defying style and bold collaborations, all of which keeps his fans coming back for more. The album features collaborations with Artificial Intelligence, Redeyes, FD, Zero T, Submorphics, DRS, Children Of Zeus and has taken strong inspiration from the feelings of nostalgia, specifically surrounding his own childhood and the birth of his first child.

Lenzman speaks on the album “Becoming a Dad had made me revisit my own childhood and look at it from a different angle. The memories, influences and music from that period of my life were the most vivid in my mind… the moods and feelings, all translated into the music on the LP”.

Taking us through sub-genres of hip-hop, jazz, and soul, whilst still very much connecting to the current drum and bass scene, Lenzman’s new album is not only bold but a progressive piece of art that you do not want to miss.

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