Lauren Dejey’s Till I Wilt Sets the Perfect Mood for February Nights

by Emma Reynolds

7th February, 2024

Lauren Dejey's Till I Wilt Sets the Perfect Mood for February Nights

Modern, crisp and moody. The latest release Till I Wilt from independent alt-pop South London artist Lauren Dejey creates the perfect mood for these sombre February nights. Combining soft, airy vocals with an electronic drum beat; Till I Wilt is an alternative take on a sound resembling breakbeat music from the 90s but far slower and with the perfect amount of synthesiser.

Dejey has been writing music since she was 10 years old and finds her inspiration from artists such as Melanie Martinez, Bring Me The Horizon and Jon Bellion. She has performed at the iconic Sofar Sounds in London and continues to release fantastic new music since her EP To Sow by Scattering in 2023.

“Till I Wilt is about giving every drop of energy away to someone. You’d do anything to help them grow and thrive while your colours slowly fade. Like a gentle flower wilting on someone’s shelf, only needing a touch of love and care to come back to full bloom.”

Lauren Dejey Till I Wilt song cover
Lauren Dejey Till I Wilt song cover

It is a beautiful song which expresses how you can bear your all for someone; even when it comes at a detriment to yourself. Lauren Dejey has certainly got exciting times ahead – and is one to watch – with assurance she will continue to rise as an upcoming artist in future years.

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