Lauren Dejey Opens Up On Feelings Of Vulnerability On Blackout

by Marcus Adetola

8th June, 2021

Vulnerable and hushed vocals from Lauren Dejey swim in the mix of lush atmospheric sounds introducing you to the relatable theme of Blackout. Lauren takes you through a mirage of emotions as she sings about the uneasy feeling of having no recollection of a fun night out. However, there is an overwhelmingly sweet feeling that keeps you repeating the pattern.

Blackout is saturated with a dreamy vibe that keeps you entranced.
It’s a good balance of infectious RnB vocals with captivating electronic sounds. And Lauren captures the essence of the track with the authenticity in the songwriting and performance that makes it palpable.

“We compared Alice in Wonderland’s ‘falling down a rabbit hole’ to what it’s like to lose your grounding, fall over the edge, and have to accept you’re in a mental limbo state. Basically, you won’t remember any of this in the morning.” – Lauren Dejey

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