Journey To Self-Awareness With Anthony da Costa On Slow Motion Panic

by Marcus Adetola

10th August, 2020

Journey to self-awareness with Anthony da Costa on his new song Slow Motion Panic. He invitingly draws you in with tranquil sounds from the guitar acoustics and instrumentals that gleam with purpose. There is a surreal quality to the highly relatable, honest lyrics. His vocals radiate an atmospheric ambiance that washes over you with hints of sadness and joy. The harmonies are sweet and pleasing, though with poignant contemplative elements.

Slow Motion Panic is the first in a series of songs written and recorded at home by Anthony da Costa during the 2020 quarantine. He shares writing credits with Emily Mann of the roots music duo Paper Wings.

Slow Motion Panic was inspired by that somewhat insane, somewhat freeing feeling of having no idea of what’s next.

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