Josh Fudge Releases The Sparkly Gem Hit My Line

by Lucy Lerner

26th January, 2021

If Josh Fudge‘s music were a gem it would be a sparkly one. His new album Fun Times starts with shimmering synths and glittering instrumentals with a serious groove. You are awash with a feeling of psychedelia, nostalgia and bliss. We are here to talk about single Hit My Line which takes a more melancholic stance but features shiny flourishes over confident acoustics and dreamy vocals. More instruments and harmonies are added to the sweet-sounding mix to create even more momentum.

The 18-year-old instrumentalist and songwriter from Oklahoma City writes about falling out with someone and the stress it can produce, “you’re gonna give me a heart attack, waitin’ three hours waiting to text me back, I had my chances, but baby I missed ’em, please get this feeling out of my system.”

For feel-good times and a bop or two, check out Josh Fudge and his new album Fun Times.

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