Josh Fudge Explores The Nostalgia On Second Date

by Marcus Adetola

27th August, 2020

Josh Fudge explores the nostalgia of the first date on new single Second Date. The track comes across as warm and cheerful, considering the gentle vocals and the splendid mix of lo-fi sounds with vintage undertones. It evokes a laid back calming feeling, however, the lyrics reflect the tiredness that can quickly develop once the excitement in a relationship dies out.

Hey wait a minute,
Whenever you dream am I in it,
Never feels as good as the beginning,
Our second date this week,
You sit and tell me all about your,
Dreams and the shows you like to watch,
And I wish I could care about what you say

Despite the fading away of the relationship spark Second Date explores, it makes for a good listening experience that is calming.

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