Jess Chalker’s Secrets Is Energetic & Vibrant

by Marcus Adetola

28th February, 2020

It is exciting listening to the multi-talented singer-songwriter Jess Chalker’s second single ‘Secrets’.

The new single ‘Secrets’ is vibrant and energetic with a colourful mix of loud synths, memorable hooks, and guitar solos.. It exhibits all the qualities of the best era in music.

The track is a bundle of fun with lighthearted lyrics. It will make you slide right out in your socks and undies dancing like Tom Cruise in ‘Risky Business’.

Jess Chalker wrote ‘Secrets’ and co-produced with frequent collaborator, Ox Why, with the pair playing all instruments.

Jess has planned to release several original tracks between now and the end of the year, preceding the release of an LP due in late 2020.

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