Jess Chalker

Take A Trip To Jess Chalker’s West Hollywood

Fri Jun 19 2020

Jess Chalker, who you may be familiar with from We Are The Brave, is an amazingly talented Australian singer, songwriter, and musician who is currently based in London. She has released 3 singles in 12 months including her brand new track, West Hollywood. Jess Chalker’s voice is rich and haunting but in a very warm […]

Jess Chalker’s Secrets Is Energetic & Vibrant

Fri Feb 28 2020

It is exciting listening to the multi-talented singer-songwriter Jess Chalker’s second single ‘Secrets’. The new single ‘Secrets’ is vibrant and energetic with a colourful mix of loud synths, memorable hooks, and guitar solos.. It exhibits all the qualities of the best era in music. The track is a bundle of fun with lighthearted lyrics. It […]

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