Foxgluvv is one to keep an eye on, further to the release of her debut EP ‘I Never Felt Hollywood’ which opens with the title track, consisting of a “new Sky Ferreira” sound via the distorted, delay and Bass-EQ’d effected vocals of the singer, performing over a psychedelic, Electro track.

It’s minimal Pop at its finest, delivering a similar vibe to Charli XCX’s 2018 single ‘Boys,’ ‘I Never Felt Hollywood’ presents a memorable, major chord structure, performed via an eccentric, synth arrangement and a dreamy Pop intro, which sets Foxgluvv’s EP nicely.

‘Uh Oh’ follows, with similar production to The 1975’s 2016, 80-inspired single ‘Change of Heart,’ revealing Foxgluvv’s sultry persona through her smooth vocals, alongside some breathy, atmospheric keyboard sounds.

Then ‘Rumour’ drops and it’s a cheeky, Synth Pop song, in which Foxgluvv’s flirtatious persona shines through perfectly, and throws us back to early Lady Gaga, specifically The Fame era.

Foxgluvv’s tribute to the 80’s classic and the biggest Pop icon in the world Madonna, ‘Desperately Seeking Susan,’ will without a doubt make you crave for an ’80s themed club…desperately and will leave you wanting a romantic moment with your lover on a Pop dancefloor. It is the sexiest moment on the EP and Foxgluvv’s vocals will for definite soothe every aching bone in your body.

‘Freezing’ is our favourite track from the ‘I Never Felt Hollywood’ EP. Our only criticism is, is that this track should have been much longer, because of its’ infectious, catchy hook and Foxgluvv’s great debut ends with the 90’s Dance-inspired song ‘Fashion Hurts.’ The bass line will throw you back to Culture Beat’s 1993 hit single ‘Mr Vain,’ and the experimentation in the chord progression, specifically during the song’s outro section, will masterfully reveal Foxgluvv’s eccentric, musical mind.

We just know that we haven’t heard the best of Foxgluvv yet. This is just a little taster into the mind of an up-and-coming Pop artist who evidently loves fusing different musical eras, such as the ’80s and ’90s, as well as today’s mainstream styles.

‘I Never Felt Hollywood’ is out now.