Grunge Punk Duo Dolls Releases ‘Pop The Bubble EP’

by Anselm Anderson

24th September, 2018

Photo by Gabrielle Hall

Dolls is a fresh of breath air on the current music scene. They write vibrant tracks with a touch of quirkiness to their lyrical content. ‘Pink Bones’ is the first song the two-piece garage rockers (Vocalist Jade and Drummer Bel) wrote together. It is from the duo’s EP ‘Pop The Bubble’, via Mondo/Death Waltz; which is out now. The EP is produced by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds/Grinderman drummer Jim Sclavunos. On this debut track, listeners get an insight into what to expect from the pair.

The opening subtleties of guitar lines mirror dual vocals that seem to play off one another after each verse. Bel’s subtle drumming provides some sharp breaks that create a catchy hook that will leave new fans singing along.

Bel describes the song as; “like one of those abstract paintings, it can mean many different things to whoever listens to it; and we like keeping it that way. Otherwise, it ruins how far your imagination can go!

Previous single ‘Sugar Free’ is based on the bands views about “the use-and-throwaway society around us today, how superficial people’s lives can be, and how rapidly people’s values and what’s on-trend can change.”  

Their music is exactly that. They are not a group to be taken lightly, but you’ll enjoy every minute of them.

The ‘Pop The Bubble EP’ is released by iconic soundtrack labels Mondo/Death Waltz on a beautiful limited edition multi-coloured and etched vinyl LP and digital.

Live Dates:

Sept 24 – Rough Trade East, London
Nov 4 – The Underworld, London

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