Get Lost In Childhood Memories With Plàsi’s Remember

by Lucy Lerner

29th April, 2020

Remember when summer days felt endless and you were filled with the innocence of youth? Get lost in childhood memories with Plàsi’s new single Remember. Let the serene instrumentals wash over you and take you back to those carefree days in the sun.

Remember the days when tomorrow was none
We lived in the moment, we lived with the sun
Spending our hours on castles of sand
Letting the waves bring us to land

How wonderful it feels to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow, especially during these turbulent times. It’s a feeling that gets lost with youth, but Plàsimakes you feel all that freedom with his stripped back sound. The half-Swedish/half-Greek songwriter, musician, and producer fills Remember with memories of nature and also lets us into his own world.

“‘Remember’ is a song looking back upon the days of childhood, when time was the last thing that mattered”, Plàsi comments. “A nostalgic attempt to try finding the way back to these undemanding moments. Moments we tend to move away from as we are growing up.”

The song rises and falls, the soft instrumentals and soaring strings lull you into another world. One where there are no worries, only sunburned skin and the feel of sand in your hair. And what a beautiful gift that is.

Close your eyes, relax and remember.

Remember is first single from Plàsi’s forthcoming EP Where I Belong due for release on 29th May.

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