Get Hooked On Angelbaby’s Mid-Tempo Hip-Hop Heartbreak Anthem The Otherside

by Marcus Adetola

13th March, 2023

Get Hooked On Angelbaby's Mid-Tempo Hip-Hop Heartbreak Anthem The Otherside

angelbaby’s mid-tempo heartbreak anthem, the otherside, is pure ear candy, rooted in hip-hop aesthetics, and with an exceptionally catchy hook that will grab you from the first listen.

Also, the relatable heartbreaking story behind it adds to the overall allure of the track. After losing his longtime girlfriend Clio, angelbaby went on a trip around the world where he had a psychedelic experience and heard the words, “i don’t wanna die in a world if it’s not with you.” That powerful moment inspired him to write the otherside,which features a beautiful blend of raw lyrics and addictive melodies that capture the rollercoaster of emotions that come with heartbreak and self-discovery. It ultimately leaves you feeling hopeful and inspired.

Grammy award-winning Gino The Ghost also features on the track, and their chemistry is off the charts. It’s the kind of collaboration that gives you chills.

If the otherside is anything to go by, angelbaby’s upcoming debut album Clio will be an absolute banger. So go on and add the otherside to your playlist ASAP!

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