Floaty Boho Inspired Tunes To See in The Spring: ‘Half Moon Lane’ From Violetta Zironi

by neonmusic

9th March, 2018

22-year-old Italian singer Violetta Zironi has dropped her EP, intriguingly named ‘Half Moon Lane’, a title of one of her tracks on this folk-like album which couldn’t have come at a better time. The first half of the EP delivers floaty friendly tracks, where Violetta’s vocals are soft and sweet, but still, deliver a strong impact. ‘Toast‘ kicks off the tracklist, with a bouncy spring festival feel, telling a tale of an uncertain love situation.

The title track ‘Half Moon Lane’ gives off a slight 50s vibe with Violetta’s vocals experimenting with range. The song is one of nostalgia, set to a slow beat with string acoustics leading the way. ‘Song With Felix’ sets the tone for the rest of the album; Violetta’s voice becomes bolder and lyrics turn more dramatic. ‘Don’t Make Me A Fool’ is a personal favourite on the album, with Violetta’s voice taking a lower tone and it is coupled with the sounds that still manage to keep her signature folk style, while still projecting a more serious theme.

Throughout, Violetta Zironi demonstrates her sugar sweet voice and a promising solo career, bringing folk to the mainstream and making it her own.

This album is great for the upcoming springtime and it will take you back down memory lane, or be more precise, Half Moon Lane.

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