‘Faded’ Is An Intoxicating New Single From Polar Youth ft. Sangstaa

by Emma Reynolds

24th May, 2019

Polar Youth ft. Sangstaa

Polar Youth ft. Sangstaa“I’m not a woman of many words but all you have to know about me, can be heard through my EP”
– Polar Youth

Haunting vocals fill your ears as the track begins, a silky soft voice, then joined with a head-bobbing beat, and you immediately know this song is going to be good. There is something very romantic about the song and it plays with so many different styles of tuning, it’s experimental and fun.

Polar Youth is a Belgian, 24-year-old music producer who is making waves on the electro-pop scene. Her amazing work has earned her the Red Bull Elektropedia’s Most Promising Artist Award. She has even collaborated with Majestic Casual and DJ Fresh! The melodic rap is courtesy of Sangstaa, a South Korean/American rapper/singer. She says of their partnership on ‘Faded’, “I think I have 10 different versions of it! I’m so happy with the result; it fits perfectly with his voice and with my EP.

The song was inspired by a special someone who hypnotizes you and has the almost magical ability to erase any problems or negativity you might have.

Polar Youth’s EP is due to be released on June 14th and Faded will, of course, be a part of that. The single is available now on all major music streaming platforms. This artist has a real ear for what works, and I can’t wait to hear more from her!

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