Vina RoseIn her own words, Sicilian singer-songwriter Vina Rose makes brutally honest music that conveys who she is and what she stands for – letting go of the fears that hold her back – and her latest single ‘Breathe Again’ comes with a message that reflects exactly this.

Elaborating on the inspiration behind the track, she says, “It is a song of resilience. I wrote the lyrics to depict a difficult situation whereby there is a need to regain the inner balance and start to “breathe again.” The song is meant to encourage people to overcome fears and insecurities and to transform those in determination and self-confidence.

This self-confidence, both in herself and her music, isn’t something that developed overnight for Vina. Speaking on the evolution of her music, she says, “In the last few years, I spent several days in the studio, writing songs, experimenting with my sound and trying to find my “USP” as an artist.

She adds, “It was great to see how progressively I grew and developed a credible and honest sound. My newfound confidence is the defining characteristic and recognisable evolution of my sound – every time I’m in front of a mic I know who I am and that is what I want to communicate through my music.

There are many people she credits for her growth as a singer. Professionally, she gratefully mentions the support from her “incredible team of musicians” and personally she believes she benefitted most from the love of her family and close friends. She exclaims, “I’m inspired by few people that know me the most and I can feel I can trust closing my eyes.

While on the topic of inspirations, Vina discusses the life experiences that form the basis for her music. She says, “It depends, I guess that when I feel urged by something, that has the priority for me, but other times it is just pure creativity.

Explaining further she adds, “Most of my songs are based on personal experiences, day by day situations, challenges, relationships and so on, however sometimes I write songs thinking about what’s going on in the society we are living in, and I work around some creative ideas that come to my mind at that moment.

Moving on from inspirations to the topic of achievements, Vina talks about what she believes to be the most memorable moment in her career. Recalling the experience, she says, “A gig that I did in London at the Hootananny in Brixton performing my original songs, that was quite emotional for me because loads of friends and people came down to support me, and the energy and the response from that night was outstanding. I still remember those emotions.

As she lists her exciting plans of an EP, a tour and much more, she’s brought back to the present for a second when she’s what her the most repeated song on her personal playlist is. She jokingly answers it’s ‘Breathe Again’- it’s actually Lady Gaga’s ‘Always remember us this way’, she later concedes, defining her own haunting brilliance as “deep, passionate and honest”; a joke it may have been but a single listen is enough to establish Vina’s raw talent. And the song is sure to find a precious place on many playlists.

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