Enter The Dark Side With FUTURE ENEMIES x CZARINA On Left Unsaid

by Lucy Lerner

25th June, 2020

Enter the dark side with FUTURE ENEMIES and CZARINAas they release Left Unsaid. It is blissfully ethereal with industrial beats and distorted electronic instrumentation. The sounds reflect the thought-provoking and sometimes disturbing scenes in the accompanying music video. Czarina’s airy vocals fill the void between haunting synths, trip-hop beats and a pulsing bassline.

Looking at the world
Dangling on a noose’s ends
Walking down the road
In different turns
Waiting for another chance
Shall I wait
Shall I wait
For words better left unsaid

FUTURE ENEMIES (producer Joe Peretore) and CZARINA (award-winning synth and electronic artist, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker) have collaborated and co-produced over a long period. This is their debut single with FUTURE ENEMIES on production and lyrics and vocals by CZARINA. I think you’ll agree it’s a match made in heaven. The sounds and images of Left Unsaid are magnetic and linger for a long time afterward.

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