Enjoy The Innocence With Manuela On I Don’t Mind

by Marcus Adetola

4th May, 2020

Enjoy the innocence with Manuela, on I Don’t Mind. Manuela tries to make sense in an appealing and relatable way about moving back into her parent’s home. Even though there happens to be a lot of drawbacks evident in the lyrics, using lullaby-esque harmonies on the song, Manuela creates some comfort in her thoughts on the matter. Vocally with folk-like qualities, she beautifully weaves different fun and questionable scenarios of the upheavals living at home into her narrative. I Don’t Mind is entertaining to watch on the music video with the notion of childlike innocence prevalent. 

I felt a lot of guilt when I moved back home after college and this song represents me coming to terms with this new phase of my life. Realistic optimism- if you will. – Manuela

After leaving home and living on your own, you never really want to go back. It’s a tough choice some have to face for different reasons. Some feel they are underachievers, and some do not want to be a burden to their parents. Whatever the reasons, it feels odd, but it shouldn’t.

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