Emilio Rojas Drops Energetic Track Creep Wit Me

by Marcus Adetola

24th October, 2022

Emilio Rojas Drops Energetic Track Creep Wit Me

Venezuelan-American Emilio Rojas drops the lyrical and energetic Hip-hop track Creep Wit me. He not only weaves catchy lyrics seamlessly with a profound balance into his flow to create a spectacle but engages the audience with an infectious and bouncy vibe. The track shines with elements of old-school hip-hop while maintaining hints of the new school order.

Rojas tells Neon Music exclusively about his inspiration, “One of my favorite moments in any hiphop song is the Big Pun “Dead in the middle of little Italy” flow on “Twinz.” As a latino artist, I was really inspired by Big Pun and Fat Joe coming up – so I wanted to do that as an homage while also creating something people can bump.”

With four world tours and 100 million streams under his belt already, Rojas is slated to have a massive 2022 with the release of his mixtape, Grip Tape, in the Summer. And he is set to drop his follow-up Breaking Point 2 to the critically acclaimed Breaking Point mixtape on streaming platforms this Autumn.

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