Electro-Pop Star Cuja Seduces With Debut EP ‘Vol. 1’

by Terry Guy

10th July, 2019

Cuja has proven to be the new, sultry diva on the block, who has broken out onto the music scene with her dreamy, Jessie Ware-esque, debut EP ‘Vol. 1’. It begins with ‘Maneater’ which throws a catchy chorus into the mix, on top of an atmospheric, Electro Ballad production.

‘New Friends,’ delves into 70’s inspired Disco music production via the use of an overlapping Bassline, very reminiscent of Giorgio’s Moroder’s famously unique sound which we all fell in love with on Donna Summer’s Dance anthem ‘I Feel Love.’ However, when the main hook drops you will be sent straight into Reggaeton bliss, with its distinctive rhythm, while Cuja keeps your body moving to the beat and keeps you captivated with her higher register, singing the lyrics “we can make new friends baby.” And the post-chorus instrumental chorus section will get you prepped for the summer nicely, with its Major Lazer-inspired, Tropical House sound, ensuring that Cuja remains the current, mainstream artist she proves very well to be.

Cuja’s stunning EP comes to a close with ‘Don’t Forget About Me’…a throwback to the 80’s, which eventually transitions into 90’s Electro Pop, and the meditative, R&B song ‘Backbeat,’ which almost feels like it should be a “futuristic” version of Jojo, if the Pop singer ever decided to go into a Synth direction with her music. You cannot deny that Cuja’s whispery vocal technique on ‘Don’t Forget About Me’ is arguably a tribute to music icon Mariah Carey, which is just one of many reasons why you should check out Cuja’s EP ‘Vol. 1’.

Sit back, close your eyes and let Cuja seduce you with her soothing voice which will eat you alive. ‘Vol. 1’ is available now on all online stores.

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