Don’t Expect ASHS To Answer With Don’t Call Me

Wed Apr 22 2020

Singer-songwriter ASHS is back with Don’t Call Me. She released her anti love song More Than Friends, which discusses the problems with modern dating. And now she is back with a song which explores the aftermath of a relationship turned sour due to betrayal. Don’t Call Me doesn’t sound like a sad love song as […]

ASHS Releases Her “Anti Love Song” ‘More Than Friends’

Thu Sep 06 2018

Taken off her debut EP 3AM Pt. 1, Toronto-based ASHS describes her catchy new tune ‘More than Friends’ as an ‘anti-love song,’ giving her take on modern dating and all the troubles that come with it. Through the telling lyrics, ASHS voices her contentment with being alone and asserts her position as an independent woman, […]

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