LENOIRProducer and songwriting duo from Canada LENOIR has released dark and sultry RnB in the first chapter of their three-part series called HIGHSEXMUSIC. During each section, they display various styles and colours and the first Volume is inspired by alcohol-fuelled, hazy, late night memories.

LENOIR consists of WHITEBOI and D.O who met while in college in Montreal and decided to drop out to focus on their music. LENOIR was soon born. Their latest EP HIGHSEXMUSIC ⅓ contains 6 deliciously moody RnB and electro-soul tracks with pulsing beats and brooding textures bordering on melancholy.

The talented pair present their music in the form of visual and audio art and they do everything themselves from writing to recording, mixing to mastering, graphics to video visuals.

You can tell the duo’s influences vary and they suggest to listen to HIGHSEXMUSIC ⅓ after the sun goes down. However, don’t expect their next release to be more of the same….to quote LENOIR “ there are no rules ” when it comes to their music and their vision. Exciting stuff.