Charlotte Black Revels In Young Love In ‘All Over You’

by Natasha Moore

22th October, 2017

I’m all over this song as a go-to track for chilled drives along backroads that lead to nowhere. The commercial sounding electro-pop track oozes a sultry sort of calm. Which ties in seamlessly to Charlotte’s perfectly poised sunbathing scenes and L.A. sunlit background.

Edinburgh born and London based Charlotte Black says of her new music video, “I wanted to capture a dreamy yet fasted paced video that represents an exciting and fresh summer love. I’m a huge sun baby myself, so filming out there was a dream come true.

The short intro follows by the steady pace of the first verse makes for an attention-grabbing opening from the get-go. This leads effortlessly into the chorus which is rather short and sweet, unlike the time Charlotte spends hanging around the buff guy’s neck like his new piece of bling. (Get a room).

This leads me on nicely to summarise the video: who doesn’t love an inflatable swan floating happily within the pool of a picturesque villa? And Charlotte looks great too.

PDA is piled up to the max in this visual – after all the lyrics aren’t ‘I’m kind of’ over you but instead I’m ‘ALL’ over you and don’t we know it. Young love, summer sunsets, and suncream, this song is sure to make us all reminiscent of that Summertime fling.

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