Kimberly Nichole Is Not The Kind Of Artist To Be Put In A Box

Mon Jan 27 2020

This independent artist’s star continues to keep to trend and rise and 2020 will be the year that this accomplished music industry consummate remerges as the industry boss she was born to be. ​ ​From the Settle Washington’s underground music scene to Spelman graduate, to muse to the greats of both the music and fashion […]

She’s Ready: Christina Aguilera Is Not Leaving Without A Fight

Mon Jan 20 2020

Over the past few years, it has certainly felt like something has been brewing in team Xtina’s camp. There was the Morocco gig in 2016 which saw her break the record for the most attend concert of all time (a live audience of 250 thousand people), the Whitney Houston tribute in 2017 at the AMA’s […]

Dua Lipa Continues To Prove Why She Is Britain’s Most Exciting Popstar

Wed Nov 20 2019

From nightclub door girl to a 2 time Grammy winner – the rise of Kosovo born British pop sensation Dua Lipa was meteoric on her self-titled debut. Her critics would say too fast in fact – how on earth did this girl go from walking down Carnaby Street to one of the world’s biggest pop stars in what seemed like only 5 minutes?

Top Four Alan Walker Songs You Can Listen To On A Loop

Tue Nov 12 2019

Alan Walker has become the heartthrob of millions. He is one of the most popular producers/musicians of the contemporary era. The tunes he creates portray a wide range of emotions. He is the guy who took the world of music by storm with his hit single, ‘Faded’. The song captured the imagination of the urban […]

Kesha Has Got Her Balls Back And She’s Taking No Prisoners

Wed Nov 06 2019

In October 2014, Kesha Rose Sebert and her mother, “Pebe” filed a suit in a California court of law against Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, claiming sexual assault, battery and seeking to invalidate the singers recording contracts she signed with the music producer aged 18. Countersuits from both Gottwald and Kesha would follow, however by April 2016, […]

A Soundtrack To Winter Days

Tue Oct 15 2019

Summer has officially come to an end and for a lot of us, it’s a season of change and new beginnings. Most will be settling down to the unfamiliar scent of university halls, planning projects and ideas to carry out before the end of yet another year, or even just resuming business as usual. As […]

Anna Stine Highlights The Importance Of Music Therapy

Tue Jul 09 2019

Anna Stine is first and foremost a music therapist, a sentiment which is echoed in the calming quality and transformative themes of her music. Following her debut album ‘Company of Now’, released late last year, Anna Stine rereleases the track ‘There I’ll Go’, accompanied by a landscape led music video. This midwestern artist is glued […]

The Ultimate Playlists for Summer 2019

Tue Jun 04 2019

Summer is here — finally. And that can only mean one thing: hanging out with friends and family outside in the glorious summer weather. If you’ve prepped for summer correctly, you’ll already have the perfect bathing suit picked out, the weekend road trip plans booked, and of course, you’re dreaming about all the al fresco […]

Surviving The Great Escape Festival 2019

Mon May 20 2019

Each year sees the music industry taking a long weekend in May to take over the coastal city of Brighton. Drinking copious amounts of their chosen poison and networking like never before, you can queue to watch the hottest tipped acts of the music industry from the U.K. and more. This weekend is known as […]

The 5 Best Songs to Play at Your Couple’s Dinner Party

Wed May 15 2019

It’s Saturday night, all of your best paired-off friends are headed to your new luxury condo in the heart of town for a couples-only dinner party — and to check out your new digs. You’ve prepared Ina Garten’s latest recipe and smashed potatoes with parm and chives, your house is impeccable, the lighting is perfect. […]

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